Zirconia Dental Crowns Arethe Best Solution

Why Zirconia Dental Crowns Arethe Best Solution forMissing Teeth

Though there are several replacement options for missing teeth, many dentistsprefer to optfor Zirconia dental crowns. To help you decide whether or not to opt for Zirconia dentalcrowns here are some advantages that may help you decide:

• Aesthetic quotient: As compared to traditional porcelain and gold crowns, Zirconia dental crowns have a better aesthetic appeal as they can blend well in theoverall smile and bring a natural effect. They are indistinguishable from real teeth.

• Superior strength: Custom milled from Zirconia’s solid blocks and baked at very high temperatures, these crowns arevery strong and almost unbreakable.

• Corrosion resistant and bio-compatible:Apart from being resistant to corrosion, such crowns are compatible with human tissues. So, unlike metal crowns that may cause allergies in some cases, Zirconia dental crownsdon’t have any such side effects.

• Cost-effective: As compared to porcelain crowns, Zirconia dental crowns are significantly cheaper. Though they are of almost the same price as gold-based metal-porcelain crowns, their benefits make them more pocket friendly than the gold-based ones.

• Offer a better fit: Where not much room is present for a porcelain build-up, Zirconia dental crowns can be used as they offermore strength in less volume. For example, for an already bulky tooth abutment, you can forego a porcelain crown in favor of one made of zirconium-oxide as it would provide better strength, albeit in lesser space. Moreover, since such crowns frames are thinner than metal frames, less tooth removal is required to prepare space for it.

• Less labor-intensive: As compared to metal or porcelain crowns, these crowns require less labor to get fitted.

• Longevity: Unlike porcelain crowns that tend to chip or others which may last for 10 years or even less, Zirconia dental crowns have the capability to last a lifetime.

Zirconia dental crowns blend in naturally, are strong, white and translucent. Now you have a choice to opt for Zirconia dental crownsfor missing teeth.