What Should Be Dental Implants Cost On Average Per Tooth?

In order to overcome the problems of decay, injury or discoloration of teeth, people use dental implants. These are basically synthetic implants that are placed directly into the root of the previous tooth, giving the feel of a natural and real tooth. These are essentially better ways to replace the previously popular dentures. However, before actually going out and getting such implants done, it is important to know the exact cost of having them. Here are some of the important factors that play a role in determining the cost of getting such implants.

• Your Location: Where you stay or where you intend to get your dental implants done plays a very important role in determining its costs. Often it is seen that in bigger cities, it costs more to get such implants done than in smaller ones.
• Dentist: Similarly, the cost of such implants is determined by the dentist that you have chosen for the task. The more experienced and perhaps senior the dentist is, the more might be the cost. Alternatively, location of the dentist, as well as the type of establishment he or she has, will also affect the cost of implants.

• Number of teeth that require implants: Dental implants on multiple teeth will cost more than having an implant done for a single tooth. Similarly, when implants are done for the whole mouth, the cost increases. This is largely because material used will increase as will the amount of work that is required for completing all the implants.
• Type of material used: Different materials are used for different types of dental implants. Therefore, the cost of implants would ideally depend on the type of material you have chosen for your implants. Similarly, the grade or quality of material used will also affect the overall cost of getting such implants.
• Location of the tooth: In case of particular tooth or teeth requiring implants, it is often seen that the overall cost of dental implants will largely depend on the exact location of the tooth or teeth in question. This is largely because certain teeth require more skill and are more difficult to work upon than others. Under these circumstances, time taken for such implants will also vary, which again affects the cost.
• Type of implant: Finally, there are different types of procedures or implants that are available today, each costing differently. Therefore, the type of implant you have chosen will affect its overall cost.

So, the next time you plan on getting dental implants, consider these above features to get them done in an affordable manner.