Top 10 Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Your smile is what most people notice the first. And if your front or other teeth are either damaged or decayed or even if there is a gap, it can affect your overall appearance as well as confidence levels. Dental crowns are the perfect solutions to help overcome these situations, given that they help hide the damage while boosting your confidence. When it comes to choosing the perfect type of dental crown, porcelain crowns rank high in the list for the following reasons.

• Feels real: Unlike most materials used for creating dental crowns, porcelain is the closest to real teeth in both color as well as feel. As porcelain is a translucent material, it appears closer to real teeth. Therefore, using porcelain crowns to cover damage will appear as if there was no damage to the teeth at all.
• Stronger material: Unlike any other material, porcelain is stronger and definitely more durable, which makes it the best for crowns. In fact, these crowns are known to last for nearly 15 years or more.
• Improves functional experience: Given that the material fits like a glove, it actually improves the functionality of the teeth by protecting the damaged parts and helping them regain their original function.
• Better aesthetic appeal: Porcelain crowns, unlike most other types of crowns, are akin to real teeth in appearance, thus improving the overall aesthetic appearance of the person. Using these crowns, you will not feel as if your looks have been compromised in any manner.

• Resistant to stains: These crowns are resistant to stains, making them perfect for dental prosthetics.
• Can be changed to suit your needs: While all crowns made of porcelain are stain resistant, some can be made to stain and age to give you the natural look. The biggest advantage of porcelain lies in its ability to be molded to any form or color or type as you would want it.
• Excellent protection: Once damaged, a tooth is vulnerable to further damage or decay. Using crowns, especially those made of porcelain, can actually help you protect your damaged tooth, until it is restored.
• Helps improve speech: One of the major problems faced by people with damaged teeth is with regard to their speech, which can become slightly slurred. Using porcelain crowns, it is easy to improve speech and act as if there were no damage to the teeth.
• Comfortable: Another major advantage of these crowns is that they can be molded to any size and therefore fit comfortably.
• Improves your confidence: Lastly, with porcelain crowns being real and improving the aesthetic appearance, they add to your confidence levels, making them the perfect choice.

So, if you are looking for the perfect option to hide damaged teeth, try porcelain crowns and you will notice the difference.