The Best Crown At The Lowest Cost

Zirconia Crowns – The Best Crown At The Lowest Cost

Zirconia crowns are made of zirconia, which are custom milled from Zirconia blocks and baked at very high temperatures to give unmatched durability to the finished product. Apart from being completely inert, zirconia is also compatible with the human body, which makes crowns made of it a popular choice for many.

When the question of durability and strength comes to the forefront, some people tend to bring up titanium, which is bio-compatible, as well as extremely strong and resilient. However, since metal ions are released by it into the body and a battery effect may also occur, where the saliva conducts the electric flow from one metal pole to another, patients often suffer from side effects like inflammation, soreness, autoimmune diseasesand allergies. However, zirconia is 100% biocompatible and inert, which makes it a safe choice for building dental crowns without the fear of triggering allergies or adverse reactions.

Zirconia crowns have several advantages, which include corrosion resistance, an aesthetic appeal that blends easily to offer a natural look, superior strength and longevity etc, to name a few. Since these crowns can offer high levels of strength even when there are space constraintspatients don’t have to sacrifice so much of a healthy tooth. They can be fitted easily and without the need of elaborate preparations.

Being pocket friendly adds to the popularity of zirconia crowns. While they are definitely cheaper than porcelain crowns, their cost may not differ much from gold-based metal-porcelain crowns. However, when you consider that zirconia crown scan last a lifetime and also bring several benefits to the table, it makes a prudent choice to invest in them rather than crowns of other materials that may chip or break after a while or need replacement within a few years.

No wonder that when it comes to choosing a cost-effective material for dental crowns, zirconia is rapidly becoming the popular option. Apart from being a robust material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, zirconia has a translucency quite similar to that of a natural tooth. Thus, light gets reflected from zirconia crowns in much the same way as it would from natural teeth. So, if you are searching for long lasting, strong, and visually appealing crowns, try zirconia crowns and feel the difference. These crowns will not only help you to cover the signs of stains or damage, but also enable you to maintain the function of the tooth without punching a hole in your pocket.