Smart Choice Rewards

Here at Smart Choice Dental Lab, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to conduct our business. We do our best at providing the best possible products at a reasonable price, exceeding expectations with every aspect of our customer service, and supply value-added services whenever possible. One of these offerings is Smart Choice Rewards.
Smart Choice Rewards is our custom rewards program that offers unique and exciting rewards for your ongoing loyalty and allegiance to our lab. We’ve designed it to be simple, and extremely valuable as a token of our thanks for your commitment to doing business with us. You can redeem your Smart Choice Rewards for merchandise through an online catalog of over 4000 brand name items, or use it for any travel expense. Use it for flights, hotels, or rental cars. You can use it for the trip of a lifetime or for a flight to get your son/daughter home for the holidays. The choices are only bound by your own imagination.
We are proud that we can give back to those on the program to show just how much we appreciate your ongoing business. Why not make the Smart Choice and use a lab that truly appreciates your patronage, and has the products, technology, and service behind it to make you and your clients happy?