News from Smart Choice Lab

Smart Choice Dental Laboratory is pleased to introduce Alex Thomas, Director of Sales.

Alex is an integral part of Smart Choice Dental Lab. His Attention to detail and superb customer service helps make Smart Choice Dental Lab one of the best! Alex is truly dedicated to providing our valued customers with the best in product and services.

Alex was just recently married in March. He and his wife Bonnie who is an elementary school teacher enjoy spending time with the newest addition of their family..a pup name Cody. We hear that Cody is practically at the top of his class in obedience school. Of course we are all looking forward to the warmer temperatures that May brings. You can be sure that Alex will be playing some baseball and spending more time having fun in the sun with Cody the pup.

In addition to making sure our customers get good service and great products Alex has also created a vibrant and informative website. It is very user friendly. On our website you can submit your cases online, track cases, make payments and in general manage your account online with Smart Choice Dental Lab. If you have any questions use the “contact us” page and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.

Check in next month when we will be showcasing another valuable member of the Smart Choice Dental Lab team. We want you to get to know the people you are doing business with. Please feel free to contact anyone here at Smart Choice Dental Lab with your concerns and questions.

Let us be your lab of choice for all of your dental restorations. If you have a particularly difficult case, send it to us. You will be pleased with the results.