Lava Dental Crowns: Keep Out The Best In Your Smile

Teeth can be damaged either due to natural or artificial/external causes. Aging, grinding your teeth, taking a wrong bite, decay etc are natural causes while injury or accident can be called artificial or external ones. Damage caused to teeth definitely affects your confidence and this is where dental crowns come into the picture. Over the years, different materials have been used and rejected for creating these dental crowns to arrive at the latest, lava dental crowns, which are currently the most popular and talked about crowns in the industry.

The posterior region of the jaw requires an all-ceramic restoration, which is the chief reason why these lava dental crowns were designed in the first place. These are crowns made completely using ceramic on a zirconia base with the help of computer aided design software. The superior strength of zirconia and the natural feel of ceramic are the two reasons for the enhanced popularity of these crowns, not to mention that the computer aided design factor makes it easy to ensure that the crowns fit perfectly.

Benefits of lava dental crowns are several, chief of which is the aesthetic aspect, which is definitely outstanding. Given that these crowns use ceramic, which is natural and almost teeth like in color as well as structure, these crowns are perfect. Additionally, the zirconia base, which is made to fit like a glove, also adds to the overall beauty and appeal of the tooth.

Similarly, the material used for the base of the tooth, namely zirconia, onto which the ceramic is placed, is a super strong material. The natural strength of zirconia makes the entire crown durable and last long, and also offers protection from damage caused by accidents. In fact, the zirconia base is supposed to be the reason why these lava dental crowns survive fractures caused by accidents and remain strong and standing.

Additionally, the biocompatibility of the material zirconia makes it possible for the dental crown to feel as close to the real tooth as possible. In fact, infections and other problems usually caused by other implants are missing in this case, given the natural compatibility of the material.

The design and structure of the tooth created using zirconia and ceramic is such that the fit is perfect. In fact, the computer aided design software creates lava dental crowns to match the exact size and structure of the damaged tooth, making it feel as if your tooth had never experienced any problem.

So, what are you waiting for? Try lava dental crowns the next time you have a damaged tooth and you will be able to flaunt your smile just as you did earlier.