Flexible Partial / Cast Frame Combo

Cast Partial Frame
Chrome Cobalt Frame (Remanium GM800+ by Dentaurum) OR Vitallium Frame (Vitallium Alloy from Dentsply Austenal )
Flexible Partial Valplast (by Valplast ) OR TCS (by Thermoplastic Comfort System
Available Shades Flexible Acrylic Shades
Standard Pink Medium Meharry
Light Pink Dark Meharry*
Dark Pink* Clear*
*Lucitone Upgrade

In Lab Turnaround: 10 Business Days

Dentures, Acrylic Partials

Dentures, Acrylic Partials, Acrylic Flippers, Space Maintainers, & Night Guards

Send Models for a Complete Product or Setup
Send Setup for Process and Finish
Acrylic Options
Type Material Manufacturer
Conventional Rapid Simplified Vertex
Conventional Meharry CO-Oral
Conventional Umber CO-Oral
High Impact Lucitone 199 Dentsply Trubyte

Acrylic Teeth: Cosmo HXL Teeth from Dentsply Ivostar from Ivoclar Vivadent (by request)
Porcelain or IPN Teeth: Must be Provided by Customer
Night Guards: Hard, Soft, or Combination Hard/Soft
In Lab Turnaround: 10 Business Days