Do You Know The True Cost Of Porcelain Crowns

The cost of porcelain crowns depend on the extent of damage to your teeth which it is meant to restore. Such crowns are used to repair the front enamel layer or that on the back teeth, which might have been broken. You may even use porcelain crowns for teeth, which have become weakened due to root canal treatments or oversized fillings or fractures, or for teeth that are discolored, worn, rotated, cracked, or poorly shaped. So, based on whether the porcelain crowns are used to correct broken teeth, a large cavity, discoloration, spaced teeth, worn teeth, or crowded teeth, the cost can vary.

Usually, the price that you might have to shell out for a porcelain crown can be anywhere between $800 and $1600. In case of dental crowns where porcelain is fused to some precious metal, the cost may range from $775 to $1350.00. However, the cost of crowns where porcelain is fused to some non-precious metal may be between $740 and $1250.

To arrive at the true cost of porcelain crowns, knowing about the exact procedure of such dental implants would also help. To get the implant fit perfectly, the extent of the missing enamel to be covered is assessed, and the crown is built. Next, a thin spacing is made around the affected tooth, after which the crown is put in place and bonded into position. Usually, the crown would cover the tooth to a point slightly below the gums, while replacing the missing enamel. So, the true cost of porcelain crowns often take into account the procedures that go into giving the patient a perfect fit.

The costs mentioned above for porcelain crowns are all estimates and may vary from person to person. So, they should not be taken to be the actual price. Some dentists may also offer cheap or discounted porcelain crowns but you shouldn’t opt for any cheap packages without knowing what you are getting in lieu of your money. Since low cost often translates into fake or poor quality materials, you should be cautious while choosing such crowns. You surely won’t want to risk your teeth just to save a few hundred dollars. Even when your dentist charges standard rates for porcelain crowns, you should know what you are paying for to have a clear idea of your money’s worth.

So, it pays to do your homework to know about the common and standard rates of porcelain crowns that most dentists offer. This way, you will get a general idea of the cost of such dental implants and can make your budget accordingly.