Captek Nano

Captek Nano materials provide a unique, and arguably the best, restorative solution for implants, crowns over endodontically treated teeth, patients at risk for periodontal disease, and many other clinical challenges you face. The new stronger Captek Nano formula is perfectly designed into three solution-specific thicknesses that will maximize results in all areas throughout the mouth. A thicker, tougher version is utilized for high stress situations while an ultra-thin version is available for breathtaking anterior esthetics.
Captek Nano-Capillary Casting Technology is a new approach to ceramometal restorations. Using a refractory die technique, two layers of a metal-impregnated wax are placed on the die. The first layer, Captek P, contains a gold-platinum-palladium combination. The layer is press-fit to the die and trimmed at the margin. The die is then fired in a porcelain furnace producing a high-platinum, high-palladium coping that contains a microscopic capillary network. The second layer, Captek G, is 97% gold and is press-fit to the die and trimmed over the Captek P coping. This is then fired in a porcelain oven. The molten Captek G is drawn into the capillary network of the Captek P to totally encapsulate the gold-platinum-palladium combination within the gold. The final Captek Nano coping is a high strength metal composite with a deep yellow-gold appearance.